Saturday, August 23, 2008

All for REI

Have you ever loved something so much that you just end up hating it? Goodness, I despise REI. Every time I go into that place I just want to buy everything! I am sure that I will go camping in the near future and I could go rock climbing tomorrow! Ohh no, that is not the case though. Walking into REI makes me think of all the things I could be doing in the outdoors. Someday... yes, someday I will be doing those things.

Yesterday was Friday. We worked until around 4 and then I started doing some research for camping in or near Newport. First I needed a sleeping bag that I can travel with. There was an REI in Cranston so I then had to find the right bus. After searching endlessly on the internet I eventually decided to just go to the bus station and find out which bus I needed to take then. After showering and cleaning up I didn't get off of the boat until after 5.

At the bus station I found that the bus I would've preferred left before I got there and it would not be running anymore that night. I walked inside and talked to the customer service guy who told me to take route 60 until the very last stop. I said, "Ok, thanks!" and ran out the door to get on the bus as it was waiting. I had no idea where the bus was going.

I climbed on the bus, took my seat and removed my Rhode Island and rt 60 map from my bag. I was going to Providence, I thought. I asked the woman behind me but she only spoke Spanish. The two men sitting in front of me turned around in their seats and told me exactly where we were going and how I should continue on to Cranston. They were very nice.

I arrived in Downtown Providence around 6:45 and the two men told me I should get on Rt 22. I stood there for about half an hour before the bus arrived and told me they were not going to Garden City. "Great!" I thought. There was a whole wall of bus routes in the station and I had no idea which one was for me. By chance a woman inside (strange woman) said that Rt 13 would definitely go to Garden City. I walked outside and waited for another 20 minutes. By this time it is dark.

I rode on the bus for about 15 minutes on the freeway before I hopped off in this huge shopping place called Garden City. I found an outdoor store but it was not REI and greatly overpriced. Nice, though. They pointed me in the right direction to REI. At REI I found the bag I wanted and talked to the man who was helping me about camping places. I soon discovered that it would be very difficult to get to the places I wanted to go as unfortunately, busses do not go into the woods.

There were no more busses leaving out of Garden City by the time I left REI (9:00) so I walked to the Day's Inn I saw on my way in. So here I sit in Cranston wondering what I should do today and tonight for that matter. I have a sleeping bag so I might just go into the woods.. haha probably not. I do have to worry about safety a bit, especially being by myself. I don't have a buddy to use the buddy system with but I don't want to completely stop what I want to do. I just need to figure something out.

I think I'm going to go into Providence today and walk around. Maybe I'll find a hostel or something. Otherwise I'll have to go back to Newport and sleep on the boat. I bought a 7day bus pass so I can ride it as much as I like. So that's good. Anyways! I have to check out here in a few minutes so I had better get a move on. Love you all and miss you. Woof,



Anonymous said...

When you don't have the owners or guests on board how much time off do you get? How's the food? Any other boats nearby that might have crew you would enjoy spending time with?

Anonymous said...

Good to see you writing in the blog again. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Woof