Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Adventure for Jackie - It's called "Not Moving"

Today is the first of a new month... September. I came home a year ago on the 5th from my yachting venture. I can't believe that a whole year has nearly passed! Wow!

I will have been working at KSRM for 11 months by the end of my employment. My last day is September 15th and my feelings on the matter are now mixed. I am very happy with my decision to leave, but am also going to miss aspects of my job.

I absolutely love the Production in my job. Creating ads is a blast. Sometimes getting to work with the sales representative to form a great idea for an ad is so fulfilling! Sometimes, we'll have someone record an ad but you have to walk them through it - reading one line at a time until each line is read in a manner that, haha, IIII think sounds good :) Let's just say that for a 30 second ad, I once recorded someone for 25 minutes. I then had to piece together this 30 second ad by finding the good sentences from the 25 minutes of recording. The client I have in mind was really worried when she left because sh wasn't sure how it would sound. When I called her with the completed ad she was so happy! That, my dear friends is a very good feeling :)

Really, when it comes down to it, I really just LOVE the production. I'm not a fan at all of 6am, though I have discovered I'm pretty darn good at pretending I am. I always find it humerous when I'm texting Cam during my morning show letting her know how incredibly tired and miserable I am and then a split-second later I get on the air "Wow! What a beautiful day! I am so glad to be hanging out with you this morning..." Oh my... it's silly.

Well, my last day is on the 15th. I have a few options for when I leave - options that include:
  • moving/not moving,
  • renting/not renting,
  • working/not working for a couple of months.

I have pretty much made of my mind for the first option. This is odd because it's the first time between Cam and I where she wants to leave, and I - Me - Jackie Palm - want to stay put.

It's so expensive to move! Plus, boy is it a hassle! I am so ready for stability. This year, I think that I may decide to decrease how aggressive I am with my loan payments to provide myself with a little more peace of mind. My friend Alexis who was living here in Kenai for the summer was telling me about a studio apartment in Old Town Kenai for only $400/month. It's conveniently located, small so I don't have to keep up on a large amount of space, and though not exactly inexpensive, not ridiculously over-priced, either. Plus, it doesn't smell.

Hmmm.. Maybe I've already made up my mind for the renting as well. I have house-sitting gigs up until Thanksgiving. I think I will try and rent one of those lovely studio apartments when that time comes around, or perhaps wait until January.

I am currently looking for new job prospects. The office where Cam works is looking for a receptionist/secretary. That is the type of position I am looking for and will therefore apply. I'm trying to fix my resume so that I look good for an office position. Haha, actually, with no training, that's probably the position that comes the most naturally to me. I love computers. I love answering the phone... and believe it or not I LOVE organizing. I may not like organizing my own stuff, but when it comes to paperwork, oohhhhh boy!

I'm taking a Microsoft Access course right now. I'm only a week and a half in but I LOVE it. A few years ago I would not have enjoyed it but right now, I'm thrilled. "Let's see how many tables I can create!" "What relationships can I make between these tables??" It is a blast!

It's super funny because maybe I should have known I would like this type of thing when I was little. I never really liked school, but I always LOVED getting new pencils... and pens... and paper!! Such excitement! Haha.. I love it.

Of course, we'll see if I like doing it in a work setting. I think I will. I'm looking forward to my new adventure of staying put :) This'll be a neat, new experience :)