Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take Everything in Stride

It's nearly the end of May. I've been here since September 5th, so let's see - that's going on nine months in only a couple of weeks. To be honest, it hasn't felt that long.

I've been working at the radio station now for seven, going on eight, months. It's been a blast. Listener responses have gone from A. Who is this girl, and why is she in Radio? to B. Jackie, I hear you on the radio.... to C. Jackie, I listen to you every morning on the radio, and finally, to D (which is wild) "I'm your secret admirer..." silence... "Oh don't worry, I'm not a stalker..." -- Actual conversation with a caller this morning.. humorous, and yet still odd, haha... now that I think of it... I really wish I recorded it.. Would've made an excellent show liner.. Darn! Haha!

Starting last Saturday, I became the late night host on the FUSE, 106.9 FM.. It's the rock station in our group. Everyone knows it's me, even though I use a fake name. It's very hard to disguise my voice but I do deepen it.. almost sultry, but not, haha. It's kind of fun because it's like I'm on stage again, acting a part. People wonder why I change my name when it's obvious I'm Jackie. Nobody seems to understand that the part I play on the FUSE is not the personality I want the real me to come across as. Sure, I like the music, but yeah... I think at least my family understands, and that's what's important.

Also new, I've been promoted to Production Manager and to PSA Director. Fancy titles but it's not that much cooler. A bit of a pay rise is included so of course that's welcomed. Currently, it comes with a couple more hours of work each day which I could do without but am convinced that once I get things organized and in order, I will at least be able to shorten my days from 10-11 hours to 8-9. That would be ideal. Truly though, it's exciting. It gives me a bit more power.. a say in things. It gives me the chance to get things in such an orderly way that when the next person comes into the station they'll be able to go "Oh, that's how this is done..." and go from there without anyone needing saying a word. You know me... something new, it's exciting, so I just gotta keep it that way.. everchanging and evolving to something better and better... contstantly improving. Haha, hey, it's good to have a goal, right??

The summer sun is a blessing and problem all wrapped into one. It is so much easier to wake up at the un-Godly hour of 4:30 when it is already bright outside. It is also, however, so much more difficult getting to bed at a respectable hour to wake up at the un-Godly hour! Oophta! When I started working at the station I kept saying "This going to bed at 10 business is absolutely ridiculous!" Well! I still do, but now I mean to say that 8 o' clock is pushing it! Haha, my friends all have to put up with me on Friday night being barely there, and on Sunday having to leave around six. They're getting used to it now, and don't give me such a hard time. I'm just finding that in order for me to be NOT cranky consistently, I need sleep... and not sporadic. Haha... it's an interesting change..

**Note: Now Erik.. don't get too excited! Haha! When I get the chance to go to bed at midnight and wake up at 8, I take it! Which is still so odd! Because I do that on Friday nights/Saturday mornings! Gahh! It's like I'm growing up or something!... to accept 8 hours when I could get 11 or 12?? Who does that but respectable people?? .. :-) Craziness..

Tina and Erik have been home now since Sunday, but I have yet to see them! I talked to them on the phone a couple days ago and it seems they are the busiest people I know for having just got here. Wow. They never fail to impress me. My plan/hope is to be able to get started working with Erik at the site starting next week after I get out of my day-job. I'm not ready to put any hard-plans down yet cause I still need to talk to Erik about what needs to get done and such, but tentatively next week I start my real job. Radio is now. Fishing is forever.

This Saturday I was hoping that Chris might do the Skyline Traverse with me. It's 1.5 miles up Skyline and then 9.5 miles across the ridges of mountains at 3500 ft all the way to Fuller Lakes and then you come down the the parking lot there. Chris is the only person I really trust doing it with, honestly because... I don't know. When he looks at a map and says we need to go this way, I will say, OK and not fret. If I were to go with any of my guy friends, I am convinced I would constantly doubt... They're just gonna have to prove themselves. Until then, Chris is number 1 in my book.

Chris is, however going to do Juneau lakes on Saturday; mountain biking with some guy he met at work. I have a couple of buddies that are camping at Fuller Lakes on Friday night and spending the day on Saturday. At first I thought I might camp as well but I chose not to for various reasons. Instead, my tentative plan is to climb Skyline Saturday morning, maybe enjoy a peaceful packed lunch on top, and just chill, enjoying the scenery, then fall down Skyline as gracefully as possible... drive over to Fuller Lakes, hike up to meet the guys, eat some of their fish and then go home. Haha, I think I'll be sore on Sunday..

Haha, to make matters worse, the church I'm attending is doing their first hike of the summer on Sunday to Russian River Falls. Hmmm.. A nice warm-down from the other two. Let's be honest, here... Skyline's going to kick my butt.... Feel those thighs burning? I can! And I'm laying in bed! Ohhh dear... ;)

Besides work, fishing season fastly approaching, and the plan to do some hikes this summer, I don't know what my plans are! :) I'm sure I'll have all the free time in the world.. haha or not. But I can't imagine spending it any other way.

I'm glad I'm here. I'm proud of myself for the progress I have made on my loans, and am pleased with my work at the radio station. I think I've made healthy lifestyle choices for myself but know that I still have a lot more to learn. I've enjoyed the steps I've taken so far. Sometimes they've been a little rough, but I've learned a lot about myself along the way. Life is good.

Love you guys TONS and will see most of you in only a month or so. Woof :)