Monday, November 24, 2008

Q 100 the Point

I am now the morning show host on KWHQ 100.1 FM here in Kenai. I'm living with Connie and doing very well. I sleep upstairs but am not here very often. I spend most of my time at work and puppy sitting Chris and Molly's little Sourdough, an adorable little black labrador. It's a pretty fantastic life right now. I'm making just enough to pay all my bills with a little left over to live. I'm currently looking forward to going hiking though I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to go. Soon enough I s'pose.

Thanksgiving is in such a short time and it is so odd not to have the Chays here. I know, who am I to talk? I've been gone for two Thanksgivings now but now that I'm home I figure we should all be here! Alas, we are not. Thanksgiving will still be a good time, though. Chris, Molly and Connie will be coming out for dinner as usual and we have all been invited out to the Bogards to spend the second half of our evening. It should be fun!

I'm loving my job at the radio station. I am on the air from 6-10 am and usually stay at work until 2:30 or 3 during which time I will either record ads, edit music or do whatever they tell me to, really. Sometimes I stay till 4 or 5 but I even enjoy that just because I really do like my job. I get to wear normal clothes which is such a relief! I was really not wanting to wear a polo shirt with the business name on it. I am trying to convince Matt into purchasing coats for the station...and maybe even sweatshirts! That would just be fantastic! I love sweatshirts and coats!

Since I live in town now I so rarely go out north. I go out every weekend to see Mom and Dad, Cam and her family and to go to church. I do get to see Chris and Molly during the week since I pick up Sourdough, so that's good. I basically live for the weekend which is really nice. I keep myself busy during the week and am able to completely relax on the weekends. It's fantastic, and the way it should be.

I'm considering picking up a very part-time job in the early evenings. Since I usually get off work around 3--4 at the latest-- I may work at the Haircutters as a receptionist from 4:30 to 7:30 in the evenings. That really would work out fine just because I don't go to bed until 9 or later. I'm just not sure if I really want to fill in my time. I really do enjoy puppysitting Sourdough and am looking forward to getting a gym membership here shortly. I guess we'll see how everything works out. It always does.

Anyways, I guess that's all I have for now.. I'm missing you all that are not here and am anxious to get my bag packed once again for travel. I am happy where I'm at currently. Love you guys so much!



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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you again, Jacks. We've been wondering how things are going for you. I check your blog almost everyday,so it was fun to have something new to read!
Sounds like things are going well for you. That's great! Where do you think you'll head off to the next time you decide to travel? Any plans for that?